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The Sterilization of Fruit Juice

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Fruit juice is a kind of delicious drink in people's life. Drinking juice can supplement the nutrients. Some children do not like eating fruit, but have a passion for fruit juice. Some people are not like to drink water, but drink juice can increase their drinking water volume.

Fruit juice sterilization includes the heat sterilization and the cold sterilization.

Pasteurization, high temperature short time sterilization and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilizationIn are heat sterilization methods. The effect of heat sterilization method is good, but it will bring unfavorable effect to the quality of fruit juice, such as discoloration, stale, nutrition loss, etc.

Fruit juice cold sterilization methods have two methods: physical sterilization and chemical sterilization. Physical sterilization is used by physical methods to achieve sterilization in a low temperature.

The common physical sterilization methods are ultra-high voltage pulsed electric field sterilization, pulsed strong light sterilization, high voltage electrostatic field sterilization, semiconductor photocatalytic sterilization and microwave sterilization.

Common chemical sterilization method is to use chemical reagents like hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide and sodium hypochlorite to achieve sterilization.

Physical sterilization technology has the following characteristics:
(1). The effect of sterilization is good, avoid the loss of nutrients.
(2). Avoid the harm of chemical reagent to human body.
(3). Reduce the environmental pollution of chemical reagents.