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Application of Microwave Sterilization in Pet Food

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Studies in the Netherlands have shown that feeding raw meat to pet may threat to health of pet, even harms humans health.

The researchers said that animals can infect humans by touching. Although the amount of germs is still within the reach of humans, humans should still pay attention because some germs are already resistant to antibiotics. When we select pet food, what problems should we pay attention?

Pet food is divided into three types. Dry-type pet food, Semi-dry pet food and liquid food.

Fish food, dog food, cat food and snack snacks are dry-type pet food.

Canned pet food, homemade dog food, cat food are semi-dry pet food.

Pet meat sauce, pet nutrition porridge are pet liquid food.

The heat effect of microwave on bacteria is to make the protein change, so that the bacteria will be death for loss nutrition.

Pet food microwave sterilization equipment have many features:

1. Short time, the processing speed is fast. Microwave heating can achieve heating effect in a short time.

2. Low-temperature sterilization could maintain the nutritional composition and traditional flavor of pet food.

3. Save energy.

4. Easy to control.

5. Simple Equipment and advanced technology