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The Advantage of Mushrooms

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1, Delicious

The flavor of mushroom is excellent and delicious.

2, Low Heat
Nutrition in mushrooms helps strengthens of the heart and the immune system. The calorie of mushrooms per meal is only 20 kcal, which is beneficial to health.

3, Rich of Vitamin D
Mushrooms are full of vitamin D and are beneficial to bone health.

4, Antioxidant

Mushroom's antioxidant ability is very strong. It can postpone the aging effectively.

5, Rich of Vitamin A
Mushrooms are rich in carotene, and carotene can be converted into vitamin A.

6, can replace the staple food

Mushroom could be replacing the staple food, and it is more healthy.

Nowdays, Microwave freeze drying is very important to the storage of mushrooms. We sell many kinds of microwave machine. If you need further information, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.